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Group Rules

from admin on 10/06/2014 04:34 PM

Before you join or make some group read this following rules to prevent group ban or user ban.

  • Creating group required 10 points as pay.
  • Creating group should give  group icon/group name and description of group.
  • Description of group will be required atleast 100 words.
  •  Group name can't change same as icon
  • Icon of group has required size atlease 90x90 
  • No bad words
  • No spamming
Creating of group should be approve at 24hours or more.
Please follow format we required and post it to our request selection and we will ask you for 10 points as pay.
Once you post your request admins or staffs approve and ask your 10 points .

Note: Wrong format are equal to request denied.

Thank you

Vote every Day and Make a thread to earn Points Thanks!

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